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Dkfm. Erich H. Buxbaum



University (Business Administration) (1965-69): Dkfm.
University (Psychology & Teaching Sciences) (68-69)
Projects with M.I.T./Harvard: Prof. J. Clarke (Creation of an Innovation Process Management Tool for UL) & Prof. Arnoldo HAX (strategy models for UL)


  • 1970 Unilever Austria – Apollo, Elida, Lever Ind., Pers. Assistant to the Commercial Director
· Reorganisation projects, Competitive Intelligence, Sales/Promot. and Distribution Modelling
  • 1973 Unilever Austria - Apollo, Sales Operations Manager
· Sales Indoor, Key Account Man., Sales Admin. And link to Marketing
  • 1976 Unilever Austria - Apollo, Marketing Manager (for Personal Wash and Household Care)
· Successful Launches und Relaunches and market leadership with several brands (CIF, Lux, Atlantik, Sunlight etc.)
  • 1979 Unilever Austria – Lever Industrial; Marketing Director (For the institutional and industrial business)
· New strategy, entry in new categories, reorganisation of the  sales and distribution system, development of new branding principles
  • 1983 Lever Broth. USA, N.Y., Special Assignment (Strategy and acquisitions)
  • 1984 Lever Ind. France, Paris, Marketing- and Salesdirector France
· 4 different business units with marketing and sales
· Established a new marketing team with new strategic objectives, sales efficiency programmes
  • 1988 Lever Ind. France, Paris, (parallel to President Dir. Generale), Business Area Chairman Surface Hygiene worldwide (Techn. and marketing teams  in Utrecht NL)
  • 1989 Lever Ind. France, Paris, President Dir. Generale LI France
· Creation of worldwide marketing and distribution programmes, brand innovation
· 2 strategic acquisitions fully integrated into the business
· 1 pan European acquisition and disposal of non core areas
· Organisation of a management buyout
· Results: Double turnover, 10 times profit
  • 1993 Lever Ind. France/Europe, Paris, Vice president Europe West (companies in France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Eastern Eur. Countries)
· Responsible for strategy, innovation and overall operating responsibility
· Streamlining of portfolio and sales of non core businesses
· Cost savings programmes on pan European level
  • 1994 Unilever, Corporate Centre, London, Category Leader Household Care (e.g. Domestos, CIF, Sunlight) & Personal Wash (e.g. LUX, Rexona, DOVE, Lifebuoy, Caress etc.)
· Responsible for strategy, innovation and brand build (globally)
· Lead of global brand stewardship exercise for DOVE with O&M (which became a model for a new system for brand positioning and brand stretching) and New VISION for Dove: Brand-Stretching in new market segments (Growth of Dove from £150 mill  (94) to  £1,5  bill now)
· Creation of a new worldwide hygiene platform (Domestos)
· First group to run brand migration programmes to globalise brands and to create worldwide category and brand boards 
  • 1997 Unilever, Corporate Centre, London, Senior Vice President, Household Care
· Responsible for strategy, innovation/R&D and brand build (globally)
· Globalisation of several brands
· Leading role in new segments (e.g. hygiene) and creation of professional institutes (e.g.IFH)
· Creation of a new innovation process management for Unilever (together with M.I.T.)
· Participation in several acquisition teams
· Strategic consulting  for regional acquisitions
· Development of a category knowledge management systems, which has been rolled out for all other categories
· Development of a new UNILEVER Brand Positioning model with worldwide rollout
  • 2000 – 2003  Unilever Austria, President Unilever und Chairman Lever Faberge
· Turnaround of LF which had zero growth to +10% growth
· Disposals of non core businesses and manufacturing sites (Bakery, Frozen food production, part of Elisabeth Arden, margarine production)
· Integration of Knorr/Bestfood
  • 1998-2002 Worldwide Leadership of „Sustainable Water initiatives” of Unilever 
· Leadership of an international network to steer all water initiatives of Unilever (Imprint, Downstream, Factory Programmes, Consumer Awareness and Habit Change, Sponsorships and Partnerships)
  • 2003 +
Unilever Austria Advisory Board Consultant for Branding and Strategy
Lecturing in Austria & abroad (univer., post graduate)

Areas of competence

  • Brand Build & Positioning
  • Brand Communication
  • Strategic Management
  • Management Development and Team Processes
  • Portfolio Management / Acquisitions and Disposals
  • Knowledge Management
  • Innovation Process Management
  • Colour Psychology



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